First things first. Gitcoin Grant Round 9 is now finished and we've received frankly more than what we expected. We managed to raise a little over $2600 for this month of March 2021. Naturally, we'd like to deeply thank all 450 donors for their generosity.

This may not sound like much but for us it's reinsuring to see that by supporting us, people concur with the idea that until crypto becomes fully adopted by the mass, frictions remain between the FIAT world and the Crypto world. We're just trying to smooth out the experience for our users, while we understand and wish for crypto to become mainstream, ironically.

Lubricating your exit

Marc Cuban, in a recent Bankless podcast made an interesting point regarding what he believes would be determining factors for successful Crypto projects. According to the tech billionaire, consumers "will always naturally choose 'the path of least resistance' that's it" pointing to the fact that one must provide the most user friendly, intuitive, and frictionless experience, in order to convince new users to adopt that specific solution.

That's what we do at Mooni. Reduce friction, down to the point where it only takes a couple clicks and entering your IBAN before receiving your funds to your bank account. No registration credentials asked, because we don't care about your email address. No need to take a selfie, holding a personal ID, because if that information was to be leaked, following a database hack, you would curse us until the end of times, like we're cursing Ledger now.

One last thing we'd like to point out is that we're fully FCA compliant because we work with European sorcerers under the hood that allow us to do so (up to certain daily limits). We don't take shady shortcuts, and won't fuel the narrative that crypto is for cyber criminals and such.

Once again, a huge thanks to our users and supporters. Cheers !