Mooni is a simple,  frictionless, non custodian cash out or "off-ramp" solution to convert cryptocurrencies from your blockchain wallet such as Metamask, WalletConnect, and so on, into fiat and transfer them directly into your existing bank account. All of it in a single operation and under a minute.

Why Mooni ?

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is an ever-growing ecosystem, where more and more platforms allow for anyone in the world to easily generate revenue online. Despite this, while most of these platforms integrate on-ramping services to onboard new users, they do not offer a solution to off-ramp when they want to exit the market, aside from the usual reliance on centralised exchanges (CEXs). Between the long and tedious KYC / AML verifications process that can take several days, or the obligation to deposit your crypto assets on a custodian platform, there had to be a better way for users to withdraw their funds.

Mooni removes this friction by proposing a fast, non-custodian and KYC-less checkout, similar to an ATM, but for bank transfers.

For decentralised workers, DeFi degens, and beyond

Whether you are making a living on bounties, trading, lending, NFT art, or a Decentralised Finance power user, Mooni is the place where you will be able to cash out your revenues and spend it in real life. Because most day-to-day spendings like groceries, rent or health insurance still need to be paid in fiat, and sometimes, paying through a crypto debit card or cash isn't even an option.

Another core benefit from using Mooni is the fact that we support most of the tokens in the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem as a payment, which thus allows users to retrieve fiat by selling tokens that aren't usually available on CEXs such as synthetic assets like aLINK, cDAI, jEUR, etc, saving them the costs of closing their Vault(s), and virtually getting a fiat based loan, using cryptos as collateral.  

--> Check the regularly updated list of our currently supported ERC-20 tokens

Integrable in any dApps

Our off-ramping solution can be easily integrated into any decentralised application. This means that any DeFi platform can allow their users to cash out the cryptocurrencies they earn on it with our Javascript SDK.

That’s a real benefit for dApps builders: in addition to onboard users with on-ramps, they can also allow them to exit. This doesn’t mean losing clients, very much to the contrary, it means that these applications are two-ways connected with the real world: Users can go in, earn money, and cash out to spend what they earned whenever needed. They will surely do it again.

Engage now in the Future of Work while keeping your favorite bank account with you !

Try it. Cash out Now !